Grooming prices depend on breed and coat type. Call for your personalized quote today!

All grooms and baths include nail trim and ear cleaning.

Dog Grooming

Small Dog Bath =     $25 and up

Small Dog Haircut = $45 and up

Medium Dog Bath =     $30 and up

Medium Dog Haircut = $50 and up

Large Dog Bath =     $40 and up

Large Dog Haircut = $60 and up

X-Large Dog Bath =     $50 and up

X-Large Dog Haircut = $70 and up

Extra Pampering

Nails = $10 for trim; $15 for grinding

Teeth Brushing = $5

Cat Grooming

Short hair Bath = $45

Long hair Bath = $50

Shave down =    $65

Must be up to date on Rabies vaccine.

Grooming & Pampering

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Grooming Specials!

Pampering Special:
Add on to any groom $15:
Holiday Shampoo

Hydrating Conditioner
Holiday Cologne
Teeth Brushing

EXCLUSIVE Bandanna or Bow while supplies last.

Puppy VIP: Feet, Face, and Fanny

This special is designed to get your pup familiarized with grooming in a positive way. It is a series of 4 grooms spread over 8 weeks. Throughout the package they will get bathed, brushed, trimmed and be introduced to a nail trim, grinder, dryers, clippers, ear cleaning, & teeth brushing. Puppy must be under 4 months and 40 pounds. Back to Back packages may be purchased if pup still meets the requirements. Call for your personal quote today!