Our canine guests stay in a private suite that has an indoor area for the bed, food, and water. The suites are attached to a private and covered run, and your pet has free access in and out as much as they like from 6am-8pm. They are closed in at night and let out in the morning when staff arrive to serve breakfast and clean. The indoor area is heated as necessary to keep our guests comfortable. We have big enough accommodations to house family pack members together as long as there is no fighting at feeding time. We have an off-leash field for our playtimes and also trails through our woods.

Our feline guest are housed separately from the dogs. They have their own kitty room that is heated and quiet (just how cats like it). They do not have access to the outdoors, but a kitty atrium may be in the future.....

Our mission


​​What an amazingly generous business! They've stepped up and helped a family in a time of need, taking in their two dogs while the family is in between homes. This allows the family to not have to surrender the dogs. This is a business I can get behind and support 100%!!

Posted July 20,2015

Our Staff

​They have been available more than once for us on short notice and they make our pets feel like home, providing lots of love and attention. They are happy to accept our Pitt Bull with happy open arms, which is awesome!

Posted Sept 10, 2015


Training Philosophy

Very accommodating, clean, love the set-up, great service and boarding plans. This is the only place we will board our dog!!

​Posted April 27, 2016


Knowing your trainer's philosophy is important. It is the basis on which they build their training foundation. I am a graduate of the NorthWest School of Canine Studies. My instructor and mentor Cristine Dahl has done all levels of training, from military dogs to companions. Our philosophy is based on Force Free and Kind training. The backing of it is based on scientific studies of DOGS NOT WOLVES. No adverse methods are used, whether it be a prong, shock, choke collar, or even a squirt bottle. We are here for the purpose of helping you achieve a fun and rewarding life with your dog. All of the trainers here at Camp Union are graduates of NWSCS.



Found a dog running in middle of road at Seabeck Highway and Christopher right at Crosby church she was almost hit 3 times. Very sweet natured dog. She was so scared when I stop to help she jumped in my car. I have five dogs so I was going to see if I could get her cleaned up and try find owner. The owner of pet lodge is an angel for dogs she was able to help better than I could. God bless her and her staff. So caring and loving willing to do more than most. Your pets will be taken care of very well by the owner and staff at camp union pet lodge. Excellent service.

Posted Aug. 6, 2016



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​Camp Union Pet Lodge is the most affordable and consistanly fantastic grooming, boarding and training company I have ever had the pleasure of offering my consumerism and loyalty to. Renee (groomer) treats my fur babies, Mr. Sammy the Shih-Tzu and Kane the Pitbull, like they are her own! Her expertise and recommendations have helped me care for Mr. Sammy’s skin coniditions and avoid those expensive and traumatic vet visits! From a fenced in play area where they can roam freely to frequent treats and lots of cuddles, my four legged children prance out of the lodge refreshed, fluffy and grinning from floppy ear to floppy ear! As the owner and backbone of Camp Union Pet Lodge, Stephanie McPherson goes above and beyond to ensure ALL animals from cats and dogs to bunnies and chickens; regardless of breed, feel welcome, loved and leave happier than when they arrived! Additionally, Stephanie gave me peace of mind when leaving Kane with a groomer for the first time when she provided me with a tour of her exceptional business and answered all of my questions thoroughly with a smile! My favorite part of the tour was when she said, “It’s just like dropping off the kids off at Grandma’s house!” I knew right away this was the place for my pets whether I am going on vacation, need tips on modifying behaviors like snooping through the trash and chewing or they need a good scrub and trim! I wouldn’t take my babies anywhere else! Thank you Camp Union Pet Lodge!

​Posted November 17, 2017


We adopted our dog 9 months ago from the humane society. He is a 80 pound lab shepherd mix who is very shy and sensitive. On very short notice I needed to board him over a weekend. Camp Union Pet Lodge took him, pampered him, and loved him. Their facilities are clean, they are professional and they have always done more than I expected. I would recommend them to anyone.

Posted June 6, 2016


I bought Camp Union Pet Lodge (formally Green Mountain Pet Lodge) in August 2014, and my mission has been to take care of our customers' pets like they are my own. To me that means more than just providing a space for them to sleep and eat while you are away. We routinely walk, play and train your animal to make sure that they're not just getting love, but they're also getting some just deserved exercise and mental stimulation. Family and community are very important to me, and that is why I changed the Lodge's name in order to tie us more closely to the community in which we reside. In a small town like Seabeck, those around us are more like family than just 'neighbors'. That family and home-like feeling is very important to our furry guests, and we do our best to provide it!

​​​​​Camp Union Pet Lodge



I can't recommend the staff at Camp Union Pet Lodge highly enough. They were especially kind and caring to us and the dog we had to board there because of a family emergency. They absolutely went out of their way to help us in every manner we needed.

Posted on Oct 05,2015

Look No Further for Pet Care

The kennels are very clean, the staff here is amazing, and they really do treat your animals as their own! I really like that they don't use bleach on the surfaces or bedding that pets may come in contact with. That's great for the pets and the environment!

Posted on Oct 07, 2014

We've been using Camp Union Pet Lodge, formally Green Mountain Pet Lodge, since 2007 for our two dogs, and we are very happy with them! Our dogs have a lot of energy and need the extra attention that they get there. We LOVE the new owner Stephanie and the frozen Kongs that she makes for our dogs. We are excited to see the improvements coming this spring!

Posted on Mar 11, 2015